Won the Mega Millions lottery of $1.34 billion, did not go to take it for 2 Months 

No one reached for the reward of $1.34 billion for 2 month

But now 2 people have presented and Claim.

It is being told that while buying the ticket of this lottery 

both have decided that, if they win the lottery prize, then they will share the amount

The Illinois Lotteries of USA announced two months ago that... 

anyone who bought a ticket has won a lottery worth about $1.34 billion

Now 2 men have gone and claimed that they have jackpot ticket and they should get the lottery Amount.

The Illinois Lottery announced on september 21 that the prize will be shehred between tow people

Both the winners had decided at that time of buying the lottery ticket that if they got the prize, they will spilt it equally